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Holiday Entitlements for Employees

Holidays in the UK are great ways to do the things you want to do or have fun with your friends and family.

As an employee, you have the right to 28 days paid leave as mandated by the law. You can apply for a leave of absence and your employer has to approve them before you can take it. It is within the employer rights that he can approve or disapprove your application for leave.

You are not entitled to a paid leave during bank holidays. The employer rights on bank holidays are that if he gives you paid leave for these days, this will be counted against your holiday entitlement.

Depending on your contract, you can be paid higher than your usual rate for your holiday pay. But unless it is stated there, your employer should at least pay for your regular rate when you are on a paid holiday leave.

You have the right to a paid holiday from the first day of work. But you are not allowed to take it as soon as you start working. Depending on your employers, your paid holidays usually build up as your go about your first year at work.

You must give notice to your employer that you are taking the day off. If there is no specific agreement on how much time you have to give notice before you take your leave the rule of thumb is that you must send notice twice as long as your leave. So if you want to go on a holiday for one week, you must give your employer the notice 2 weeks in advance. It is not a good practice to send an advise for leave the day before you have to go on vacation.